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Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Classic Malt (2013)

Woodford Reserve Masters Collection Classic Malt (2013)

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700ml 45,2% abv

The Classic Malt from Woodford Reserve is a triple-distilled 100% malt whiskey and was part of the 2013 Master's Collection release.

  • Whiskey Type: 100% Malted barley.

  • Maturation: Matured in used bourbon barrels, specifically x-bourbon barrels, as opposed to virgin oak barrels.

Tasting Notes:

  • Colour: Bright straw gold.

  • Aroma: The aroma is relatively subdued and includes hints of a grain-store, haystack, and dilute cocoa.

  • Flavour Profile: The whiskey has a concentrated yet lean, grassy, and acidic profile. There are undertones of breakfast cereal, providing a wholesome quality to the taste. Plenty of vanilla notes are present, contributing to a creamy and sweet element. Additionally, there are touches of stewed fruit and berries along the way, adding fruity and slightly tart dimensions to the flavour.

Overall, the Classic Malt from Woodford Reserve is a whiskey with a complex and layered flavour profile. It combines earthy and grainy notes with the sweetness of vanilla and the fruitiness of stewed fruit, making for an intriguing and enjoyable tasting experience.