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WHA Single Barrel 1792 Full Proof Bourbon 62.5% abv (release 1)

WHA Single Barrel 1792 Full Proof Bourbon 62.5% abv (release 1)

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 We are thrilled to announce our first ever Single Barrel Select exclusively for the Australian bourbon community! The WHA crew traveled to Kentucky in May, 2019 to taste our way through several barrels until we found the perfect barrel of 1792 Bourbon to proudly call our own!  The team at Barton are some of the best in the business and have a reputation for producing some unbelievable quality Bourbon.  The Full Proof was recently awarded Whiskey of the Year 2020 by Jim Murray Whiskey Bible!

“you can only sit, eyes closed, in awe. This is a delivery of perfection: intense, seemingly no prisoners. Yet, actually, you find it has the grace to allow every character to make a speech of great erudition, ultimately a discourse of how so many facets can be singular yet together make for such glorious integration. This is a whiskey of stand out, almost stand-alone beauty. Finding fault is not easy with something this intense and magnificently rich.” - Jim Murray 

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