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Reservoir Rye Whiskey 750ml
Reservoir Rye Whiskey 750ml

Reservoir Rye Whiskey 750ml

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50% abv.

Reservoir Rye
"We are proud to be one of the few distilleries to distill, age, and bottle our own Rye Whiskey. The most fractious and labour intense of the grains to work with, Rye cereal produces the least amount of alcohol and yet gives birth to the most complex of all our whiskies. Our first Double Gold-winning spirit, the Reservoir Rye, is what we call our “Adult Swim” whiskey. Bold and polished, it dominates the Wheat and Bourbon expressions. Experienced bourbon and scotch drinkers seeking something new will find our Reservoir Rye fully lives up to the challenge."

"In the crowded world of “High Ryes” on the market, we are proud to offer the highest with a 100% rye mash bill. Sourced from just outside Richmond’s city limits in New Kent County, Virginia, our rye provides an intense, sharply spiced profile that is not too sweet. Our expression is bottled at 100-proof/50%ABV so that you can tinker with strength and discover your preference. We recommend trying our Rye Whiskey neat—to establish a baseline, then adding a touch of water or a single ice cube to soften the proof."

Awarded Gold at 2021 SFWSC

Nose: Honey and crème brulee, rye spice and yeast, some orange peel/citrus tones
Palate: Sweet notes of dark chocolate, anise, spicy with pepper
Finish: Resolves into a dry finish leaving cola and molasses on the tongue, classic rye shortstop
Distributed in Australia by our friends at The Whisky List