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Old Louisville Bourbon Batch 2 48% 750ml
Old Louisville Bourbon Batch 2 48% 750ml

Old Louisville Bourbon Batch 2 48% 750ml

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ALC/Vol: 48%

Mashbill: 75% corn | 21% Rye | 4% Malted Barley

750 ml

Unlike mass-produced whiskeys that are often devoid of personality, each bottle of Old Louisville Whiskey Co.’s Batch 2 is hand bottled and hand labelled, which gives it a personal touch. This small batch, family-owned brand takes pride in everything being done at our facility in Old Louisville – from barrel storage, blending, bottling, and labelling.

"Old Louisville is really where we learned the trade of whiskey and gained our bourbon knowledge," said Amine Karaoud. "Much like the neighborhood, we wanted to release a whiskey that was aged properly. It took patience, but it has been well worth it."

A perfect example of their commitment to quality over quantity is evident in the care that goes into each bottle of their small-batch bourbon. They use only premium spirit and age their whiskey for a minimum of 7 years before bottling it by hand.

Each bottle is truly a work of art - as unique as the historic neighborhood it pays tribute to. Only 200 bottles available Australia wide.

Old Louisville Whiskey